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Check out our free personal finance library where we have resources that will empower you to save more, pay off debt, and build wealth so you can achieve financial freedom!
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Personal finance for millennials


Personal finance for millennials


Personal finance for millennials


Personal finance for millennials

Real Estate

Personal finance for millennials

Student Loan Debt

Personal finance for millennials


The OneSavvyDollar Mission + Core Values

Filling in the gap

We know there’s only so much a formal education teaches millennials (young adults) when it comes to the real world, personal finance, and building real wealth for themselves. We’re here to fill that gap.

Empowering you into action

All of our content particularly real stories from millennials crushing their debt and building real wealth are to empower you into taking control of your finances. We give you actionable resources to help you achieve financial stability.

Providing a supportive environment

Having and being in a supportive environment is everything and we’re here for it! The OneSavvyDollar platform comes with an awesome Instagram community where we cheer you on, motivate, and check-in with you daily.

Being proactive

We serve millennials and recognize most are at different stages of their financial journey – when it comes to student loans. With this in mind, we want to be proactive with the next generation and their student loan debt.

Personal finance for millennials

After purchasing her first property at 21 and paying off her $26,000 student loan debt in 2017, she created OneSavvyDollar for one purpose: To inspire and empower millennials (young adults) into saving more, paying off debt, and building wealth so they can live their best lives.

Her personal finance tips and money story has been featured on Credit Karma, BravoTV Blog, GoBanking Rates, Discover, The Street, Journey to Launch, Nerd Wallet and many more.