Searching for Job

Do I have to pay to search for jobs?

Nope! Zilch, nada! Search, book mark jobs you like, upload your resume all at no charge.

How do I search for jobs?

There are at least 5 ways to optimize your job search when you create a profile. You can search by companies, industry, categories, location and keywords

Applying to Jobs

I found a job I like. How do I apply?

Once you’ve created your profile, click on the “Apply Now” button. You can either upload your resume or enter it in plain text.  Don’t forget to copy and paste the content of your cover letter in the appropriate section labelled.

Bookmarking & Job Alerts

What are job alerts?

An opportunity to never miss that great job again! Job alerts is an email job notification system that helps you save time. Once you create a profile, we email you links to jobs that match your profile.

How can I change my job alerts?

You can add, edit or remove job alerts.

What are bookmarks?

Bookmarking is a way for you to save, organize, search and manage your saved jobs within your profile. Just click on the top right corner to save the job.

How can I see my bookmarks?

All bookmarked job can be found in you profile labelled ‘Bookmarks’.  To “unsave”, click on the highlighted start and the job will be removed from your list.

Are jobs posted on OneSavvyDollar legitimate?

Great question! We do all we can to make sure that jobs post on our website is legitimate. We also manually review jobs. Please, let us know immediately if you come across a job that looks fishy. We’ll be sure to investigate it immediately.

Free Financial Evaluation

Why am I being asked to complete a free financial evaluation?

There are 5 categories in the free financial evaluation made of at least 10 -14 questions depending on which section you begin with. We designed these questions to help you evaluate how much attention you paying to your wallet

Posting a Job

What are OneSavvyDollar's job posting guidelines?

To learn more about the kinds of jobs that can be posted to OneSavvyDollar, please view our job posting guidelines.

How do I post a job for free?

Create an employer account. You can select any plan when you have completed the job description and the tuition reimbursement section . We ask for a credit card to validate your account and allow for a seamless transition if you decide to keep your account active past 5  days (i.e. we won’t have to take your job posting offline to wait for your credit card). If you decide to cancel before the free trial ends, you will not be charged anything. You can keep whatever candidates you receive.

How many jobs can I post?

We offer a variety of subscription plans that differ based on the number of jobs you need to post. Your free trial functions just like a paid subscription plan so you are able to get a firm understanding of how OneSavvyDollar works.

Why do you recommend against including a phone number and/or email address in my job description?

By doing this, candidates may choose not to click our “Apply” button to submit their resume. If they apply through our system you can view their resumes and coordinate an interview with them. We will email you as soon as you get a new candidate so there is no need to include your phone or email address in the job description. In addition, we would like to keep your information private to avoid being bombarded with phone calls or emails from applicants

How long does it take for my job to be posted?

A new job posting will usually take 24 hours to appear on our website. Also, when you edit your job description, your changes will take about 24 hours to be reflected on outside job boards. In addition, if you close the job it will take 24 hours to be removed from them.

Why can't I see a job posted?

At OneSavvyDollar, all new accounts go through a 3 business day verification process. If a hiring company’s job violate our Terms of Use, we will terminate the account. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, however, it is our responsibility to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the jobs being posted on our site.

How do jobs in my industry usually do?

Unfortunately we do not have statistics on job performance in a specific industry because there are many factors that affect a job’s performance. Make sure that you try to write clear and concise job titles with strong keywords and quality job descriptions to help yield the best results.

Is OneSavvyDollar open to collaborations or partnerships?

Yes, we are open to mutually beneficial relationships. Our goal is to help Americans who decide to go back to school do so with little to no student loans. If you’d like to discuss partnerships or collaborations, please contact us

Managing Candidates

Is there a limit to the number of candidate I can receive?

No, there isn’t. All our plans allows an unlimited number of candidates to apply to each job.

Can candidates contact me directly?

Having your contact information listed is not necessary since we send you a “New Candidate Alert” emails as job seekers apply. OneSavvyDollar does not display any of your contact information unless you explicitly state it in your job title, description, or hiring company information. We strongly advise against adding your contact information to your job because it is a public ad and can be easily found using a basic search engine. This means you may be subject to spam and bombarding phone calls or emails if your contact information is displayed.

How will I know when someone has applied for a job?

Every time someone applies to your job through OneSavvyDollar, you will receive a notification email. The notification is sent to you as soon as a job seeker applies so you can stay updated on your candidates in real time.  Their complete application which includes the candidate’s contact information is saved inside your OneSavvyDollar account for your reference when you log on.

What if I don't get any candidates?

A new job posting can take up to 24 hours to appear on the website after you have posted.  We distribute your job and provide the best advice we can about writing quality job titles and descriptions, but we can’t guarantee applicants. If you still haven’t received any candidates after this time period, feel free to reach out to our or support@onesavvydollar.com for feedback on your job ad or ask us other related questions.

How do I attract more candidates

Job performance is based on a lot of factors and varies depending on industry and location. We encourage clear and concise job descriptions and titles. If you’d like to drive more candidates to your position, you can contact us at support @onesavvydollar.com for a free Job Ad Consultation.

How are visitors and apply clicks calculated?

We track the number of visitors to your job pages hosted on onesavvydollar.com as well as the number of people who click the “Apply” button (if the job uses a custom apply URL to your ATS). In both cases, we use web browser cookies to avoid counting the same user multiple times.

Managing Jobs

What should I include in my job application?

We encourage employers to make their job ads clear and concise. You can easily organize your position’s responsibilities and requirements with bullet points, numbered lists, and other formatting tools we have available. It can be helpful to add benefits, salary range, and perks to make your job more appealing, but the most important perk on OneSavvyDollar is that you have a tuition reimbursement policy. Job descriptions that are too extensive and detailed can result in unqualified candidates because requirements can be easily overlooked. On the other hand, jobs that are too ambiguous and vague can discourage candidates from applying because there’s not enough information about the position.


The best title will be short, sweet, and to the point. A few, specific words relating to the position is all you need! Remember: Job seekers may be searching any/all keywords related to your position. You might even consider creating a few job ads with different titles to cover all search options. Also, add any/every keyword you think applies in the title and/or job description.
Be sure not to include extraneous symbols, your company name, or a web address in your title.


It’s always beneficial to place your job under the largest metropolis within roughly 25 miles from where the job is. This assists with search algorithms and gets you higher up on the search pages. You can always include: ‘Actual Job Location: ____’ in your job description if you’re worried about misrepresenting your official office location.
Additionally, if you’re posting the same job ad multiple times, be sure each location is unique and also at least 25 miles away from the other locations. (If you post the same ad in the same city more than once, this can be viewed as spam by our job board partners.) Another easy way to avoid this issue is to tweak the title on each duplicate job ad you post so it appears unique to our partners.

Job Description:

An example of a good format for your job description might be: 1) Brief overview of the position, 2) Overview of day-to-day responsibilities, 3) Requirements that must be met in order to apply. A few questions you might consider addressing in your job ad: is this position full time or part time? Is this position entry level or is experience required?
Also, A job seeker is more likely to apply if they can get an idea of pay structure and benefits. Specific numbers aren’t necessary, but why not include whether this is a Salaried or Hourly position? Also, be sure to fill out all the sections for your tuition reimbursement policy. No filled should be left blank.


The length of your job ad will be a case by case decision but we normally recommend you keep your job around 2-3 paragraphs. A few sentences won’t communicate the full spectrum of the job and several paragraphs can seem overwhelming or time consuming to job seekers. Think like a job seeker: Would you want to read a novel? Would you be comfortable applying to a job that is only a sentence or two long? What pertinent information are you looking for in the job ad and how much length is necessary to communicate it?

How long are my ads posted?

Your ads are open indefinitely, and will not be taken down till you close them or cancel your subscription.

What if I can't find a category that works for my industry?

Select the category that best fits your job, and if your job happens to fall into more than one, don’t worry. The category you select is not as important as your job’s title and description, so your choice will not harm your job’s performance. It’s best to remain simple and straightforward with title and description so your job is easily found by interested, qualified candidates. Keywords in the job title as well as the job description help yield your job in a job seeker’s search results, so it is important both are in line with the position you are hiring for. Ask yourself: “If I was looking for a position like this, what terms would I search?”.

How do I attract more candidates?

Your goal when posting any job is to always think as a “Job Seeker”.If you were on the job hunt, what keywords would you search in order to pull up this position? What would you be looking for in the title and job description that would draw you in to apply? What pertinent information would you want included? This is also why we encourage you to fill out every section of your tuition reimbursement policy to make job seekers more attracted to your company.

When will I see activity on my job?

A new job posting will usually take about 24-36 hours to appear on our website so you should start to see some activity on your job the day after it is posted. If it’s been over 24 hours and you have yet to see any activity, feel free to contact us We’d love to take a look at your account and help you optimize your job for the best possible results.

I only need to post one more job, but all my job slots are full. Do I have to upgrade?

If you need to post an additional job but have already filled all of your job slots, then you will need to upgrade to the next available plan size. If you’re not interested in upgrading, you can close one of your active jobs to make that job slot available. Once you have an available job slot, you will be able to post your new job opportunity.

How do I close my job?

To close a job, you can send us an email at support@onesavvydollar.com

What happens when I close a job?

When receive your email to close your job, the job is removed from our website (within 24 hours), and the job URL will no longer be live for candidates to apply for your job. You will not lose any of your candidates associated with the job.


When will I be billed?

Your account will automatically be charged for the subscription plan you selected at the end of your trial. Your billing date is available for you to reference from inside your account at anytime. When logged in, click on “Subscription” from the upper right hand navigation menu. Your billing date and time appear in the yellow box at the top of the page. Your billing date is also referenced in the “Free Trial Activation” email you receive at the start of your trial.

What happens to my account if I cancel?

If you cancel your account during your trial, your account moves to inactive. This means your job ads are taken down and you lose all account access. All of your information is saved in your account, but it is not accessible until you activate a subscription. If you’d like to come back to the service to post a job you will be subject to payment when you reactivate.

Why are you charging me every month?

All of our subscriptions are set up to automatically renew at the end of each billing term, but you can turn off your automatic renewal at anytime. Once the automatic renewal is off your account will move to inactive on your next billing date. If you have a monthly billing term, you are able to turn your subscription off and on as you’d like. If the automatic renewal is off, you will not be charged for the next month of service.

I have funds available on my card. Why was my card declined?

If your credit card was declined,please contact your card provider and let them know you are using it on OneSavvyDollar. Some credit card providers have blocks when purchasing subscriptions services or software/computer equipment. If that does not clear up the issue, you should try clearing your cache and cookies and re-entering the credit card and trying again.

Can I get a refund?

We want to make sure your experience with OneSavvyDollar is awesome! We will be sure to do all we can to help meet your hiring needs. If you’re not completely happy with our service, contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

General Information

Why can't I login to my account?

You could  try resetting your password and or clearing your browser cookies. If you are still having having problems logging in to your account, please, contact us.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, go to the Homepage and click on “lost password”.

Can I be invoiced instead of paying by credit card?

We only accept payment by credit card.

How many candidates can I receive under my plan?

Unlimited! OneSavvyDollar never limits the number of candidates you receive. You can review all of the resumes that are submitted to your job posting from inside your account under the “Browse Candidates” tab.

How can I cancel OneSavvyDollar account? Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at anytime. To do so, please contact us, and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Once your account is cancelled you will lose access to your candidates, jobs, and resume database until you resubscribe.

How do I know when I will be billed?

Your credit card will be charged when your job posting has been approved. The approval process for a job posted usually takes 1 business day.

Can I take the free financial evaluation?

Yes you can. We created the evaluation to help everyone be able to assess where they are with their personal finance and make changes if need be.