Goals Are Overrated

Setting goals are very easy. “I want to finish this article before the end of work today” I said to myself.

From the moment I created the goal to accomplishing it, my tenacity will be tested.

First, I needed to concentrate beyond measure irrespective of the noise around me. Focus when my attention pushes me to watch another funny and or viral video and whatever other distractions are out there.

It doesn’t matter how fancy you make it sound, goals are just empty words to make you feel like you are doing something with your life. The stuff of legends you discuss with your family at the dinner table to get them off your back.

How many people wanted to start exercising in January but totally gave up by March? How about those who promised to save $50 weekly only to discover a new store that offered $99 for returning customers?

They had the goals, at one point they felt that even Zeus couldn’t stop them so what went wrong?

Goals Are Over-Rated

Goals are sexy. Something you do when you want to escape the moment and glimpse hopefully at the future.

The goals we see today are more of wishful thinking because most people are hoping to impress anyone who cares to listen and get them attracted to their future-oriented mindset.

When you don’t set goals, you are unwritten and have no constraint on a particular thing. You are pushed to perform at your best because nothing is bothering you. You are not restrained by the notion of internal or external judgment.

It’s better to make a habit of saving a particular amount of money everyday than say you want to have hundred thousand dollars saved before December.

Enjoy Your Efforts

Imagine making a pinpoint goal stating your intention of taking a vacation at The Bahamas before the month end. Someone offers you a trip to Paris within the same month. Even if you get to go, you will still consider yourself a failure because you never went to Bahamas.

Bottom line, you failed your goals.

However, if you just lived your life, there’s a high probability you will have fun at the Bahamas.

Take Action-Daily

Here’s what matters the most -Action. Execution is what counts. No matter how sweet your words are and how elaborate your plans are, it doesn’t matter if you do not take daily actions. Saving $10 daily is far better than having the goal to save a million at the end of the year.

While one is effective and straight to the point, the other is just wishful thinking. You will end up postponing and procrastinating; waiting for the right moment which strangely enough will never come.

Notice how people wait to reset their goals on Jan 1st each year only to give up shortly after?

If you have student loans, instead of making a goal to pay off your student loan by end of the year, decide to pay $100 every week.

Make it a habit that once your paycheck comes in, you take out that $100 and send it to where it needs to go for that purpose. You will find a way to manage whatever is left.

This Goes Against Everything, Right?

All the self help books you have read have told you to make goals. Brian Tracy even had one titled GOALS. The books tells you to push yourself towards a particular thing. Write it down, memorize it, confess it and do it.

But at the face of real situation, you will crumble.

Life is not smooth. Your self discipline today will be tested and will it stand the test of time?  Energy and discipline runs out.

There is so much a man can take. When the juice runs down, what happens? You are back to the slop you use to be.

Most people that made the goals and achieved them end up going back to where they use to be. They lose weight and gain it all back with extra pounds. People make a million dollars and spends it all on luxury only to go back to penury.

The thing they all had in common is that they never had the habits. It was all a one hit wonder. The fanciness of goals and its achievement.

Had taken their time to build up their habit, they would have invested those million dollars and kept reinvesting; taking out few to enjoy every so often.

Still Need a Goal?

You can still set your goals if you must but now you know the truth. Focus on the habits that will help you achieve your goals. Once you’ve set the habits, the goals will occur by the side.

For instance, say you make a goal to visit Paris.

You will need to develop the habit of saving 40% of all your income, selling off all your liabilities or not not accruing any more and before long, the goal will happen.

Even if you didn’t set the goal, you will still end up going to Paris because the habit puts you right at the front of it all. But it didn’t happen because you set the goal.

What Character is Lurking Behind the Surface?

It takes time for character to become evident.

Eating wrongly starts with the occasional burger daily and smoking begins with a puff.

The same can be said of good characters. The piggy bank, the eating right; these are the things that will develop into the colossus that will lift you into greatness.

So go ahead and develop those good characters.

There are no shortcuts. Take small wins, don’t be in a rush or chew more than you can swallow. Goals are sexy but over-rated but the one with character will conquer all.


How has making or not making goals worked out for you? Share with me in the comment section below.