Ready to make money moves today your future self will thank you for?

Ogechi is a Certified Financial Educator, money expert for millennials. She helps millennials make money moves today their future self will thank them for. She teaches personal finance based on real life experiences in a fun and engaging manner. She walks her talk and has the results to prove it.  Ogechi shows you what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, why it doesn’t work. As a personal finance expert, she understands three things:

  1. People with low levels of financial literacy suffer from that lack of knowledge at every stage of their lives. They are less likely to invest, borrow more, more likely to experience difficulty with debt, pay more in fees related to financial products, less likely to accumulate wealth and less likely to understand the terms of their loans.
  2. Most people with financial struggles feel deeply embarrassed about their situation and do not know how to make it better. Having money problems can be a stigmatizing experience that involves many unpleasant consequences for a person’s self esteem and social standing.
  3. There just isn’t enough honest conversations about money and personal finances in homes and schools. Financial literacy is one of the most effective ways to tackle poverty and help people break out of the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck. Overall, financial literacy is important and integral to a person’s well being.

Why Book OneSavvyDollar?

She exists to make people’s financial lives; dramatically simpler, more convenient, more productive, less intimidating, more fun and fashionable. To name a few, she has been featured in Newsday, NerdWallet, Nasdaq, BellaNaija, SheLeadsAfrica,  CleverGirlFinance, Offers.com and wants to help you do more with your money and create and build wealth.

She has worked successfully with small and large groups including non profits, women’s organizations, churches, universities, and young professional groups. She is committed to serving your audience and ensuring your organization looks good in the process. She engages her audience by keeping the materials; relevant, interesting, practical and empowering


Her workshops are designed to focus on what’s relevant to your present situation and what you should know to get you back on track financially.


She keep her audience engaged. Yes, she is the alternative to a snoozefest! Her workshops are fun and interactive.


Personal finance is not some abstract theory; it is real life. This means every financial concept is explained using real life activities attendees can relate with to make understanding easier.


Your group will not only be motivated to improve their financial lives, but they’ll also leave equipped with new information and resources that they can implement right away.

  • Awesome! Very motivational and interesting to hear a real story from a real person. Appreciated the honesty. Thank you! Emily Barnard, New Women New Yorker

  • Your open personality and willingness to share own experiences were both very useful for them to relate to their own business ideas and entrepreneurship journeys. Your great passion for advising others on personal finances came across too. I really enjoyed the workshop Mia Olsen

  • Thank you!  The women were so engaged, excited and very attentive to all that you shared.  The topic of debt is vital and there is some much information. You took the women through what to be aware of on their credit reports and steps on how to improve their credit score.  Your insight, expertise and delivery were great Regina Norman, Branch Manager
    Dress for Success Manhattan